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Welcome to Martial Arts Lifestyle! 
Martial Arts Lifestyle Magazine, and yes its MALMag for short, is excited to have you as part of our martial arts and fitness community. We aim to provide our visitors with all kinds of valuable information through various media formats. Start of watching a video tutorial on Cambodian Kickboxing. Read an article on the history of the art and few techniques. Listen to a podcast interview with a top trainer. And top it off with a video cooking a traditional Cambodian thats healthy and educational for any food critic. Find motivating topics on fitness, training, martial arts, body strengthening exercises, diet, reviews and more. We invite you to browse our website and social media pages. Click here to read more About us!



We are currently under construction. Please visit us on facebook, youtube, and follow us on twitter and more by clicking the social media links at the top of the page. Contact us by email for information at malmagonline@gmail.com.